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Recipe Book 'Tastes of my Outback Life: Volume Two - Midday' by Abigail Mickan nee Kinnon

Pages: 80 plus cover    Size: 20cm x 20cm 

About the book: Tastes if my Outback Life: Volume Two - Midday is a cookbook written by Abigail Mickan. It includes recipes to help ease the pressure of midday entertaining for a large number of people. Some recipes included are ginger beer and nibbles. This book features the next stage in Abigail's life and the raising of her own children using recipes from generations of her family. Abigail's children, like herself, have the opportunity to grow up in Outback Queensland and taste Abigail's delicious country cooking. 

Note from the author:

"Among raising three children volume two “Midday' is ready.
When shearers, stockmen and kids turn up at Midday all hungry, my grandmother told me an old trick. Put the tablecloth on, set the table and start frying an onion.
When they see the set table and the smell of onion cooking, even though nothing else is ready,  they are satisfied that lunch isn’t too far away.  
That gives you another half an hour to get your new volume two recipe book out and start cooking." - Abigail